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ICE BREAKERS Iced Tea(Peach Flavor) 42g
Ovaltine Candy x6
Meiji Chelsea Yogurt Candy
Sakuma Drops Retro Candy 115g
Kasugai Peach Cream Frappe Candy 80g
MILKITA Strawberry Shake Candy 120g
NOBLE Tapioka Fruit Milk Candy 90g
MILKITA Chocolate Shake Candy 120g
Glico Disney Popcan Candy Lollipop
MILKITA Cappuccino Shake Candy 120g
Nobel Super Soda Candy 88g
Mini Chupa Chups Fruit 50pcs
MEIJI Choco Baby 32g
TOC Animal Bottle Little Star Candy 48g
Hello Kitty Assorted Juice Candy 21g
Fujiya Assorted Fruit Lollipop 116g
TOC Kids Bottle Little Star Candy 48g
D Propolis Loquat Candy 100g
Kasugai Melon Hard Candy 131g
Senjaku Matcha Soft Cream Candy 70g
MILKITA Vanilla Shake Candy 120g
SENXI Milk Candy (Yogurt Flavor) 28g
Morinaga Drops Ice-cream Candy 180g
UHA 8.2 White Peach Milk Candy 84g
KANRO Assorted Fruits Rich Candy 70g
LOTTE Thomas and Friends Ramune Candy
Ryukakusan Throat Mint Candy (Bag) 80g
Chupa XXL Lollipop

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