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FANTA Orange Juice 500ml (C)
Calbee Curry Potato Chips 55g
Sweet & Spicy Fish Fillet 100g
Strawberry Sour Belt100g
Pork Jerky 100g
Smoked Shredded Squid 100g
Japanese Cod with Black Sesame 100g
Sour Lychee Gummi100g
Dried Squid 100g
Deep Fried Sweet Bean Curd 100g
Hot Smoked Shredded Squid 100g
Shrimp Roll 100g
FUJIYA Nectar Peach Juice 380ml
Hot Pork Jerky 100g
Spicy Fish Skin 100g
Satay Beef Jerky Cube 100g
Coca-Cola Crameal Coffee 330ml
Deep Fried Crunchy Spicy Bean Curd 100g
Fried Dace Fish Skin 100g
Hawthorn Biscuit 100g
Sweet and Sour Seedless Prune 100g
Cola Gummi100g
Philippine Dry Mango 100g
Hot Fruit Flavored Beef Jerky 100g
Sea Bass Jerky 100g
Spicy Honey Squid 100g
Cola Ring Gummy 100g